Our Products

Our synthetic peptides are a cost-effective alternative to recombinant proteins for various applications such as targeting human infectious diseases and developing antibody rapid tests.


Antigenic reagents with the potential to make diagnostic tests more accessible and affordable

High Quality

Highly specific and sensitive reagents that can be used in a variety of diagnostic and research applications.

R&D ready

Ready to be used within ELISA, SDS-PAGE, and WB (Western Blot) and other common techniques used in the field of life sciences.

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Health & Innovation

Our Technology

We are a vertical integrated company and through our cutting-edge technology, we can pave the way for early diagnosis, effective treatments, and improved health outcomes, ultimately transforming the world of healthcare for the better.

About Us

We are at the forefront of health innovation. With our technology and AI-powered platform, designed for developing synthetic peptides, we are accelerating the pace of discovery and revolutionizing diagnostics and therapeutics for a wide range of diseases.


Accelerate the pace of discovery to make health available for everyone, everywhere.

Multi-disciplinary Team

Our multidisciplinary, digital, and data-rich approach to life sciences helps us tackle complex problems and develop new solutions


By making diagnostics more accessible, Ubique Biotech is helping to improve the health and well-being of people around the world.